Prohibited List

•Any item or service that violates local, state, or federal laws

•Personal information, identification, or records

•Proprietary or confidential information; government documents

•Any ad for real estate, rental property, apartments, room(s) for rent, roommate situations, or any other advertisement related to personal living space that violates the Fair Housing Act

•Any job posting/employment ad that violates Federal, State or Local employment laws

•Postings used for the sole purpose to drive traffic to another website

•Bait and switch ads, pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing schemes, get rich quick schemes, rigged contest, jobs requesting money/fees be paid prior to employment, or any other misleading and untruthful solicitation

•Counterfeit, pirated, or unauthorized replica items and goods

•Stolen goods or property; items with vin/serial numbers removed or altered

•Items and services to be used to assist in unlawful activity as well as the solicitation of any unlawful activity

•Hazardous materials; including bodily fluids/parts and donations

•Governmental assistance: goods, cards, vouchers, items, etc.

•Recalled items or items containing recalled parts

•Prescription medication or any other controlled substance, including illegal drugs, and any items related to the making of, transporting, or consuming of said goods

•Any US Military items unauthorized for sale; military medals, decorations, and citations

•Services that discriminate based on age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or physical condition

•Spam advertising, duplicated postings, non-local ads, or ads in incorrect categories

•Opened or spoiled perishable goods

•Items with known defects that are not disclosed

•Unlicensed services in situations where licenses are mandatory and failure to provide a license number in your ad when requested

•Embargoed goods


•Escort Services

•Government or police uniforms, badges, and IDs

•Illegal weapons

•Ads solely for the intention of soliciting donations

•Black magic or witchcraft

•Personal, dating, or hook-up ads

•Ads considered to promote products and services that we deem to be our competitors


As per our Terms & Conditions, posting an ad or service for any of the above can/will result in My Simple Leads deleting or altering the ad, restricting or banning the user, and if necessary taking legal action.

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